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"From One Form" Out Now!
Our new album, "From One Form" is out today!

The album features eight tracks of fast and aggressive modern metal with progressive elements all recorded by the band at our own Dublin based Megatech Studios,  mixed by guitarist Eoin Ennis and Mastered by Mick Kenney of Anaal Nathrakh. 

"From One Form" is available to stream and download from all major digital stores as well on CD available only from our bandcamp page. Click here to order the CD now!

We've also got the full album streaming on Youtube right now so clcik the video to the left to check it out!

-Mirrors of Obsidian
"Neutral Disease" Out Now!
Our new video for our single "Neutral Disease" is available to watch on our YouTube channel now, check it out!

-Mirrors of Obsidian
New video for "Neutral Disease"
Our new video for our single "Neutral Disease" will premier April 26th at 5pm IST on our YouTube channel. 

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-Mirrors of Obsidian
Album Release Date Announced!
We have just announced the release date for their second album, "From One Form" as May 10th 2017. To accompany this we have released a teaser video on their YouTube page which
features an unheard audio snippet.

Check it out to get a sneak peek at what to expect!

-Mirrors of Obsidian
2nd single, "The Core", out now
We've just released the second single from our upcoming album "From One Form".

It's entitled "The Core" and it's available to stream or download free from our bandcamp page now.

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-Mirrors of Obsidian
"From One Form" Artwork Reveal
We've just released a video revealing the cover art for our forthcoming album "From One Form".

The video also features a teaser of our next single, entitled, "The Core", which we will be releasing on October 3rd.

Check it out now!

-Mirrors of Obsidian